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Originally Posted by WilD View Post
All above is correct. I collect these in autococker threads. The AC version can usually be had for around $35 shipped in excellent condition, at least that is what I have been paying for nice ones. Sometimes less on ebay. Fantastic barrels imho.

These come in a ton of different varients because you could pretty much order whatever you wanted at the time. Plated/unplated, rifled/smooth, and all sorts of really funky porting. Yours is actually not that funky. I prefer the zig-zag patterns.
Zig-zag, huh? do you have a picture of that handy I could see?


P.S., you wouldn't happen to want to trade me for one of those autococker ones, would you?
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Originally Posted by Morgenstern View Post
Next time add more yelling and crazy camera angles. Maybe start an episode with you parachuting into your attic, then you immediatley come under fire from the french resistance. I can see it now....
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