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Originally Posted by Thelar View Post
I used to have an old automag field rental. The reason the barrel won't twist out is the twist lock assembly is solid brass. The assembly doesn't depress allowing the barrel to be removed. They did this so people renting them wouldn't remove the barrel. You will need to replace it or you can file it down a little. At least that is how mine was.

But then why can he take it out if the screw is loosened? Unless that solid tip was broken off.

I'm guessing the front screw is too long as well. Check the barrel at that spot to see if there's any bad markings. And if there is then file the screw down by a thread and try again. If it's extra long then it is pushing the barrel out of alignment and that may be causing part of the chopping trouble.

If the barrel lock was supposed to be fixed and it got broken off then look into fitting a new spring loaded one in. Or if you remove your trigger frame from the saddle rail and if you see a set screw in the locking pin's housing sticking down just ahead of the front frame screw then perhaps that set screw is too tight so the spring inside is coil binding and the pin in the body can't move down because of that.
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