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I built this one up from parts I had kicking around. The grips, front block, feedneck and reg were new. The TASO 3way came with my Carter cocker way back in like 2004. The body is drilled, but I don't care since it's an ugly duckling to begin with.

The hammer has one of drg's tungsten slugs on it, which has made springing this thing for normal velocity relatively easy. My last halfblock was a nightmare because of the weight lost between slotting and losing the cocking rod. Because it's a midget body, I had to drill out the IVG to allow the slug to pass through. It sits flush when cocked, as you can see in the second photo.

It also has a midget hopper that suits a midget cocker.

Sorry about the photos, the viewfinder on my digicam is broken so these are blind shots.


And here it is after this afternoon's core sample:

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