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I was planning on holding off posting here until I got a full day of play with the T2, but after getting a PM from Mel this morning, I had to publicly thank her, and everyone at CCM for the help and stand up customer service they have going on out there.

I bought a T2 a little over a month ago. And had called CCM before a few times even back to when I had a S6. They were always as helpful as anyone can be. I even got to talk to Rod with some technical questions as well. Bought a T2 straight off their Ebay store the day after they posted it, worked with Mel to get the right sizer for the barrel, and she was very willing to help out. A short while after I got it, I also decided on a few other parts I wanted, including a lever lock for the feedneck. Hopefully by next week I should have a fancy schmancy lever lock on my neck, because CCM actually cares about their customers.

I will certainly be a CCM fan (even more so than I have in the past) from here on out.

Thanks again CCM. And Mel, I'll be calling again in a few weeks to get some lazer engraving done too.

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