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Just got off the phone with CCM... Mel's fault... She promised me pics of some hot double barreled gun pr0n action, and no mail = phonecall!

Mel: CCM how can i help you?

Me: Hi! This is Mel?

Mel: Yeah, how can i help you?

Me: I need some double barreled gun porn....

Mel: Oh hi!! How are you!

Me: Fine, how are you? Everything great?

Mel: Yeah great! Lemme hook you up with Rod for the latest on your gun, just a moment..

Me: Ok great!

I want to appoligise for the time calling... Rod and everybody else at CCM is really busy at the moment, and i've maybe stalled one or two customer's markers from being finished. Rod was kind enough to spend some time, and we had a good chat about lots of things. (and we got a bit sidetracked, so therefore the appoligy) Rod is working on it, but did not progress as planned due to some other things that came up. No problem, and Rod was kind enough to explain in detail what the delay was. But no biggie at all! He's taking his time with the gun to set it up right, and we have the same mindset on things: either do it right, or not at all. Either way it was great chatting!

Now i'm crossing my fingers for some hot double barrel pron to arrive in my email next monday.

J/K! Take your time... It's a bit of a unusual order, but i'm sure it will be well taken care of.
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