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Barrel Loudeners (Custom Sized Delrin) (New Designs coming soon!)

I am now able to order different color material! But a minimum order requires me to need a certain amount of interest before I can just order. So if you have interest in a color, or style PM me! If you can prove the interest is there for the color, I'll be more then happen to do a run of them!

All items are custom built in house at the Alternator shop.
All Items are one off, or limited short run. Some more limited then others. Make sure to check the item descriptions.
All items are shipped USPS Priority Mail. If you prefer another shipping service or shipping class please message me.
Money Order, or Paypal. If that is not a option, feel free to message me!

To place a order post in this thread, message, or email me at Altecster>At< . Please put "Alternator" in the title if emailing. Provide what item you want, your address, and your payment method.

Product Name: Alternator Delrin "BULL" Barrel Loudener (Custom Sized)
Price $25 shipped
Description: These are ready for custom sizing! I made the run as blanks. They are externally done, but when you order tell me what you want the loudener to fit (In inches please). I can make it fit everything for 13/16" (Sheridan) up to 1" (Vector) and anything in between. A slight internal design change, and a different external design as well. I left the outside plain this time for a "BULL" look. This was done to differ this run from the first, to lower the price, and to let me spend more time on the details. I can still do the external design, if you are interested, contact me.

(Middle Loudener)

Custom Work: I'm not afraid to make these fit something different. I just did a KP2 one the other day. If you have something odd you'd like to fit one on it contact me!

Barrel fitting service: If you have a barrel that is not a straight OD, I can cut the OD of the barrel down around the tip to fit the loudener. Please contact for more info!


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