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My SA-8 was perdy but gone now... what is this???

ok so the bling was nice on the Tiberius SA-8... shot great.. like really hard... so tiberius didnt want us to play with them....

so Tiberius didnt have to hook us up but they did...
my original plan before seeing the SA-8 deal at pepperball was that I was going to get a Tac 8.1 players pack...

well that was $250.. and i was going to buy 1 more mag... so would have put me at about $300-$320 shipped...

so for almost the same price i got a nice setup.. but more!!!!
slightly used Tiberius Tac 8.1
2 x Tac 8 mags (need to file down to work in the 8.1 correctly)
4 x Tac 8.1 mags (3 traded in from tiberius for the SA-8)
2 x cases (one from each)
UTG Leg holster
few 10rnd pods
total was $328 after I figure buying both, return and all I still shelled out $328... which I dont think is a bad deal...

well to the pics...

whole kit and kaboodle

Tac 8.1 and 2 Tac 8 mags

4 Tac 8.1 First Strike Rounds with Springs

now im not going to get to use it for a while... but hey it is in the arsenal...

just made beer this past weekend (3 batches.. honey ipa, chocolate stout, american lagger)
next weekend is Schenectady NY for easter followed by
Beer bottling next weekend
then im going out... to test the 98c out....

then opefully ill be ready to order my vest and all... then i need to find a game worthy of full gear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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