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Originally Posted by skipjack289 View Post
Cannot say enough good things about Altec hisself and the loudners he makes.

I use them with my Automag, and it definately gets you noticed, esp. at night. My teammates have used the noise to locate me.
One time got seperated from them for more than 30 minutes.
Got invovled in a firefight on a trail, and it turned out my mates were about 30 yards behind me. The loudner helped me out that night.

It also works well with a Stiffi barrel, just tape up the porting.Unfortunately, most people don't get the irony of the set up.
Thanks man!

I remember a story about you in a wooded area, and on your flank from quite a distance away they could tell you were moving up the field just by listening to the marker. Which I thought was just great!

Talk to you later man! If you need a excuse to get out on the field for some rec ball lemme know! We can try to gather up all the regular goons.
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