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A Blazer out performs a Stroker across the board.

A Stroker is a pump gun converted to semi-auto, where a Blazer is designed from the start as a semi.

The Blazer is;
1. Lighter, being aluminum instead of brass.
2. Softer trigger, due to softer springing.
3. Less recoil, due to softer spring action.
4. Removeable barrel, easier cleaning.
5. More efficient, probably due to better valving.
6. One of the most consistent and reliable guns I've shot.
7. I can shoot my Blazer faster than any other Palmer I've owned.

I've had four Strokers and three Typhoons and have sold all of them. I still have the same Blazer I bought in 1999 and it's not going anywhere.

Out of the 85 guns I've had over the over the last 7-years, the Blazer is the only one that I have kept all the way through.

An AutoMag is probably my second favorite semi, with a Cocker falling right in there too.

I've never had a Sniper, but have always had a Phantom.

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