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CCI VSC Phantom CAD model!

CCI Phantom, circa-2008

If you ever needed a dimension, wondered about a thread spec., wanted to design your own parts, perform some FEA or CFD...this is the file pack for you; assembly included.

All dimensions gathered manually with 6" calipers, so take these with a grain of salt. If you find any errors, please post them here for all to see and to generate a problem log in case I update the files. This work is not complete, as some features are missing. Reach out to me if you'd like to add your work to the collection.

Posted with express permission from Mike Cassidy. - 2010

Thanks to WMassRegulators for this render:

Source files made in a really old, educational version of SolidWorks. I've included some upgrade and prototype design files, as well as eASM files that can be measured with the...
FREE VIEWER: eDrawings

SW2016 (Thanks Butch3r!) :
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