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The main reason Doc hasn't done another batch is simply the cost. The last batch cost him around $10,000 to have the local CNC shop make up. The Cocker market has really gone down hill since he did the first batch so I really wonder if he'll ever do another batch.

I paid for my Fastback in full when they first came out. I've been waiting, patiently, for about 2-1/2 years. AFAIK, I'm the only person to order one that hasn't gotten their's yet. He's also had my PGP for almost 4 years. Doc isn't a crook. If you pay for something you will get it. It's just a matter when. I've bought a lot of stuff from Doc over the last 8 years and I've always gotten what I ordered. Not always quickly but I did get it. And it's always been worth the wait.

Walker was the one with the 5 year Cocker.

Manike waited 6 years before Doc sent him the first Vee-Twin. Manike was going to buy the Vee-Twin from Doc for $1000 anyway but Doc sent him the Vee-Twin as 'settlement' for the PGP deal. There was a lot more drama between Doc and Manike that lead up to that than most people know about. It's all at the Guild. Go do some searching if you really want to know the details.

Doc sold off one of Manike's PGPs a while back that I snapped up. I'd have to go check my notes but, IIRC, this was version 2 of many that Doc did. If you were at SPE 06 you may have seen this at my table.
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