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Originally Posted by armyranger51 View Post
My SA8 is not shooting when i put the mag in. The closest thing i come to is leaking...the leaking sounds like its out the barrel but im not 100% sure. I tried playing with the sear and it seems that it keeps coming out of place when i charge up the gun. Any thoughts?
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When you reassemble, are you keeping the bolt forward until you get it assembled, then pushing it back into place when you install the barrel? That's usually the problem, if you keep the bolt all the way back, it's perma-locked behind the sear.

The other issue might be your sears are a little sticky, and the "outer" sear is pulled too far to the left (looking down), so it's not engaging the "inner" sear correctly. You may have work the trigger mechanism a bit to loosen it up, make sure the springs aren't binding, and make sure you're not misaligning the trigger to sear linkage when you reassemble it.
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