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my homemade T8 holster

started with this: 5 Used U.S. Military M16a2 Mag Pouches, Woodland Camo, Military Surplus, Brand Not Specified, Used Us Military Surplus M16a2 M16 Mag Magazine Pouches Holder Woodland Camo Usa Made Molle Nylon at Sportsman's Guide

cut holes in it.

covered what was left with MC fabric.

all done, I am using the leftover pouches to hold extra t8 mags.
just so you know, I am using this in the cross draw possition. also the last pic was taken in a mirror so it looks all weird and inverted. It is acctualy on my left side with the handle pointing forward. as for how the holster works; It is alittle bit hard to holster and get out, but I got used to it very quickly. I like it alot more than a thigh holster.
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