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i finally decided to take some pics of this project since it's finally done...
...i think we counted 30 pieces being sent off for anno.

the details:

Freeflow Rythym body, undrilled
Freeflow internals, venturi bolt
Freeflow vert ASA
CCM cocking rod
Kaner Kit - 5 backs, 3 fronts
Carter Machine pump kit
CCM 86* frame
Freeflow 45* slider w/Dye panels
CP reg
CP rail
CP on/off
Carter Machine 12g changer w/milling
WGP T-stock w/tank rings
Mystery-size HPA tank (15ci? 4oz?)
Freeflow front block and screw, FF ram, FF 3-way, WGP LPR, extra back block

anno facilitated by Carter Machine and Velocity Paintball (San Diego)
special thanks to Joe/Velocity Paintball for the raw CP parts; Carter Machine for the pump kit and 12g changer; and Demonio for moral suppport

Sale: Box of Lapco

WTB: Black 07 Ego Eye Covers

WTB: AGD Z-grip or Y-frame

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