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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
Is there such a thing as a "rope" of nerfs?

Not that an area affect weapon would be anything less (and probably better), but I've always wondered about the round to round flight path of nerf rockets.

Yes, now thanks to Q, the term "a rope of Nerfs" exists. We will get the video of it shooting up as soon as possible.

I can tell you that standing 100' away behind the netting and having 25 rounds unloaded right at you was a huge adrenaline rush.

This thing is an absolute work of art. There were some Marines with a real MK-19 mounted on a HumVee at Panzer Attack. They were totally geeked out by Q's workmanship, and excitedly set up the real one next to Q's.

I'll post a link later today of the picture of Q getting to sit behind a real MK-19 while and equally happy Marine sat behind his.
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