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Misc. Barrels and Gear For Sale/Trade

I have a few Items for sale/trade. None of the prices include shipping. Just tell me what items you are interested in along with your zip and I will get you a price for shipping.

Items for Sale/Trade

1. Bob Long Force 3 Cyclone Rear Cocking bolt - This bolt is pretty much new. There are no scratches on it. = $10 plus shipping

2. Stock Black Spyder Barrel - Some scratches from use but shoots fine. = $5 plus shipping

3. 14" J&J Ceramic Barrel Spyder Threads - There are some dremel marks where I took out the nicks on the ends of the barrel. This barrel was just used by a friend a couple of weeks ago with no breaks in Walmart paint. = $15 plus shipping

4. Stock Chrome Spyder Barrel - Some scratches from use but shoots fine. = $5 plus shipping

5. 45* Elbow well used. = $2 plus shipping

6. Spyder Imagine Gas Through Grip - There are some nicks and scratchs but it still works fine. = $2 plus shipping

7. No Name LP Chamber = Sold

8. No Name Automag Vertical Adapter - Some scratches from normal use but works just fine. = $5 plus shipping

Pics of Above Items

Pic #1 - Shows everything Above
Pic #2 - Shows Barrels and Bolt

I am not against trades. I currently need a few parts for a Spyder Imagine.
Clamping Feed neck
Rubber Grips
Parts for a LP set up. I do not need a reg.

If you have any other thoughts on trades let me know.

I prefer paypal but Money Orders are fine.
Please post here before sending PM's

Thanks for looking,

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