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Whiskey Two Four 100 rnd Pod pouch

Mission statement:

Whiskey Two-Four offers high quality, tough, well thought out products made by Americans in America.

Utilizing only the finest machines, tooling, software, and finishing processes available, WTF! products stand up to tough abuse on the field.

Because we have faith in our products, we don't need to think twice about offering a lifetime warranty. Should your WTF! product ever fail you in the course of normal play, send it back for a replacement.

Being a Soldier many yrs of my life,I depended on gear that would hold up to almost any enviroment I was put into. Well sometimes that doesn't work,especially since you are using everything from WWII,Korean and Vietnam era equipment. However the new MOLLE and MALIC stuff that has been appearing on the market has changed all of that. Gear last longer,can be custom made to the WARRIORS needs and is made of much better material than what I used many yrs ago.

Gear is a very important thing,and can mean the difference of survival or death.

However in paintball we look at more for a feel of belonging or being popular by owning all the latest and greatest over priced items we can buy without even knowing what they are really used for in REAL WORLD situations.

Enter Whiskey Two Four.

I met the owner Ryan about a yr ago. He was in need of fabric in a hurry and I was the guy that could supply it at the time that he needed it. We spoke on the phone of ideas that he had and ideas that I had. He helped me with a major problem I had and for that Iam greatful to him. He was just starting out and me being the person I am, I wanted to help,not like he really needed my help.

Speaking with him about gear and where he was headed,I was very impressed. He wanted to make custom paintball gear taylored for the players specific needs.

Now a well known Combat Gear store is just down the road from me,but they really wouldn't give a paintball player the time of day unless you have large amounts of cash and then they would probably just try to fit you into something they have on hand instead of custom made.

Ryan knows gear and the punishment that a paintball player or Real World Operator puts it thru. This is why he uses 1000D Cordura when making items such as pouches. With double stiching included.

Flash Forward:

While jokenly putting up a crazy resume to get sponsors (It actually worked) I contacted Ryan to ask about getting sponsorship from him. I didn't ask for anything free nor at discount,I just wanted to wave his banner and hand out his cards for the help that he gave me the yr before.

His response was "S#$t Yea let's do it". So I contacted him and we started to talk. He began to tell me about new gear that he made. I only use 100 rnd pods,so this was perfect for me.

100 rnd pod pouches with exclusive shock cord retention system!

Attached to my gear:

Iam a stickler for sewing. This is one thing I always check when getting sewn items. I want to find the flaws,especially if I'm paying for it or promoting it. So as I searched for flaws I could not find any. They were perfect double stiched. Real World use quality. I can say Iam proud to own such fine workmanship.

Now before we go any further,yes WTF is my sponsor,and to be honest I paid full price for this item,it wasn't free. How could you evaluate a free item. Even if it was junk you would still have to write a rave review about it if you want to keep your sponsor. Well not under this agreement.

Depending on the field size and situation,I'm a load and drop guy. I'll collect the pods later. So regardless of what I use,I drop pods . If Iam in a situation that I can put my pods back in the pouch I do. Well these 100 rnd pod carriers are easy to use.

Pouch with pods:

The shock cord retention system is easy to use:

Just grab the tab and pull up slide over the pods. As you can see from site provided pictures,which will explain it much better then I can.

Just to be fair,I have tested this system while being fired upon. I just slid in the pod and pulled the tab. It secured my pod right in place. It does take some practice,I wasn't perfect the first time around. I had to find my niche so to speak. even if I wasn't able to secure the pods,the pouch is just tight enough to hold the pods in place.

Back side:

The pod pouch is a MALICE retaining system. Works just like MOLLE,only the straps are removable. You just weave these like you would any MOLLE load bearing gear pouch. Personally I'm going to add a MALICE strap in the center. I like my gear very tight up against my vest. Anyway it's always good to have spare MALICE straps around.

As mention these are all made in the USA. Which to me is great. We have seemed to have lost our skill so to say in products. Well this is were my money is staying,in the good old USA, not some sweat shop over seas.

I have tried to trash this pouch out by putting it thru an abuse test,ie snagging on bushes,rubbing it up against concret bunkers,rubbing against wooded strcutures. It takes abuse. It's dirty and has paint stains on it,but it has held up as expected. Still needs the crawl on ground test hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

WTF offers a great warranty as well. It's posted in thier mission statement. This tells me alot about a company when they are willing to back their products as such. Not many these days will do it.

If I were to deploy right now,I would contact WTF for personalized gear that I know I would need in the Desert. I'm sure his REAL WORLD items are just as rugged if not better.

I handed out a bunch of his cards to a group of Air Soft players last week and a few to some PB Players a few weeks back. If they are smart and want quality,they will contact WTF for personal gear.

The price may seem high for some,but I know a few players who thought they were paying for quality milling and got back crap.

WTF offers custom made gear for your needs and the cost is well worth it. Personally Iam a very cheap person,however I recognize a good product when I see it,especially if it's some kind of combat field gear/ similar item I can use in paintball.

Oh by the way, WTF is the official maker of the Blackrain Paint Grenade pouch. Custom made to fit my Paint Grenades. I sent him over a few to use in fit up and to play with. I hear he likes them. Review will be coming very soon on this item.

PM Dartmoo on MCB,or follow the link, to get in touch and buy some quality gear made for the paintballer. Ryan just isn't a guy making gear,he is also a paintballer,so he knows what we need.


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