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'Mags are great shooters. They're the only semi- I've ever used and really enjoyed. I would take one of my 'mags over any other semi- out there.

That said, they're not for everybody. Also, given your lack of experience with them, I would encourage you not to buy anything based upon hearsay or hype. Ultimately it comes down to what you're effective using. No matter how flashy, durable, "accurate" or expensive the marker is, it doesn't mean anything if you can't put paint on target with it.

A used $100 classic 'mag gives you the opportunity to give the marker an honest try and if you don't like it, you can turn around and sell it for what you paid. It's an easy, risk-free marker that you might end up liking a lot.

I think it's well worth your time to give it a try. You might be very pleased. Good luck.
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