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Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
So the panther has a different threading than the rest of the cats? Bummer. Ah well, I'm not adverse to owning one over that.

But is the Panther the only one available in right feed?
Yes, the Panther is the only 'Cat without a powerfeed. Also, the feed tube is at a slightly odd angle...a little bit steeper than 45 degrees, so the hopper leans a bit to the left using a standard elbow.

I thought that the Panther used the same barrel threading as the other 'Cats, but I sold mine off a couple years back, so I can't say for sure.

And to echo Azzy's post, they are (like the other ICD blowbacks) damn fine pieces. High quality machining, solid construction, and highly versatile. I sold mine to Finnigan on here, who I think still owns it. If not, hopefully he sold it to another MCBer. He's the third (I bought it from Hacker - aka "Sir Not Appearing On These Forums").
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