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Nelson & Valken Paintballs F/S

Valken Paintballs
Valken paintballs.JPG

Zing is 35

Breach is 40

Crusade is 45

Graffiti is 50

Redemption is 55

Price plus shipping.

Nelson Paintballs
Nelson Paintballs.JPG
Nelson PB 2011 paint selection color.JPG
Winter Grades: Anarchy, Nelsplat, Dread, Hot Spot

Anarchy: $50
Special Forces: $46
Hemorrhage: $43
Nelsplat: $41
Precision: $38
Hot Spot: $34

Bore Sizes
Anarchy/SFS .685 +\- 3
Hemorrhage .685 - .690 +\- 3
Splat/Dread .685 - .690 +\- 3
Hotspot up to .690 +\- 5

Price plus shipping. You will need to PM me with your zip code for shipping pricing. That will depend on how many cases you buy. Thank you
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