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Important Bolt / Power tube / spacer test results

Alright, I had some serious leaking down the barrel out of all three of my classic valve'd automags recently. I tried putting new orings in the on/off and powertube that ended up doing nothing, plus I tried using different power tube spacers to no avail. So, I was left to changing out individual pieces on the guns until I found a culprit, which I finally did: the bolts. I always wanted aftermarket automag bolts, but now I realize some bolts have a serious problem, they cause the mags to leak. So, I did some testing comparing each of 5 bolts with various powertube spacers. Here are the results:

The testing was done on a classic valve automag with freshly lubed o-rings using dow 33 grease. Here are the bolts:

Here is a layout of the results I found when I used each bolt with the .215 and .220 spacers.

If you guys can't read what I wrote on the paper, just let me know and I will type it out.

A couple things are important to point out. Firstly, bolt 1 (venturi 1) does NOT have the slight inner collar on the end of the bolt shaft. Secondly, changing spacers didn't seem to make any difference with any of the bolts.

Questions I have are these:
1) What does the inner collar do on the bolt shaft do?
2) Why would an automag bolt NOT have the inner bolt shaft ring?

Let me know what you guys think....
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