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2 PC Video Cards For Sale

Ok I have been trying to get my PC to run through my Flat Screen for like a month and I keep buying video cards that are "suppose to work". But apparently because I have a Dell I have to get video cards that are made just for Dells. So I got these two off amazon. They are brand new and I've only opened them and then left them out long enough to realize they won't work with my Dell. Here are the specs

NVIDIA Geforce PCI FX5500 256 MB
Technical Details
Core Type: NVIDIA
Graphics Processor: GeForce fx5500
Memory Type: DDR
Memory: 256MB
Bus: PCI
Outputs: S-video, DVI, VGA

MSI ATI Radeon HD4350 512 MB DDR2
Technical Details
Core Type: don't know
Graphics Processor: don't know
Memory Type: DDR2
Memory: 512MB
Bus: PCI-Express
Outputs: DVI, VGA, HDMI

Sorry that I don't know all the specs, but I'm just not a computer guy and am now deferring to an IT friend about the install (should have done so in the first place) Oh and if anyone is really set on having me put up personal pics of these things I will, I'm just at work right now and can't.

Price is $40 for the PCI card and $50 for the PCI express. That includes shipping to the lower 48. That is the exact amount I paid for them. Please someone takes these off my hands.
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