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Talking Stuffy's Pirate

This will be an initial review of my experience with Stuffy here on MCB as well as my initial findings with this marker. This review will evolve as time goes on. More performance information will come as I get to play with her on the field.

I initially contacted Andrew (AKA Stuffy) with a custom build project that I was looking to commission a willing builder. I initially sent him a PM on here with a basic idea as to what I was wanting to have built. Immediately he contacted me back expressing interest. This was soon followed by a call (yes...personal communication) to discuss in further detail. Within minutes I knew that he was the builder I would like to have this project taken from an idea to reality. Not to mention, I had seen some of his work on here. He was very methodical and thorough in gathering information for the build, including some things that I had not even considered.

Some basic ideas that I was wanting to incorporate into this build are as follows: custom pirate stock, 12 gram in the lower tube, 10 round spring feed, short barrel and PPS newer stock pump handle. This was the basic jist as to what I was looking for in this build. As for the stock, I decided to leave the creativity to Stuffy.

During the build Stuffy was always very good at keeping me posted as to the progress of the build. This was done through many PMs as well as ocassional phone calls for more detailed discussions. Initial material cost were figured and required up from to begin the build. The balance (ie. labor) would be required upon completion. The completed turnaround on this build was...from Feb. 13 to May 4; just under three months. I think this is a phenomenal turnaround, especially considering a hand carved stock.

I was extremely excited to receive this marker, often calling him more than I should have. He was always extremely accommodating and understanding of my excitement. The following are pictures of what I received via shipping of my choice. The box was packed professionally and the marker was wrapped up like a mummy. This packaging could have survived the rigors of todays shipping company procedures. It was packed so well in fact that I began to become impatient as I tore open the packaging. A complete seal kit was included with the marker as well as two other bolts that were made during the build for this marker. The following is what I received:

The fit and finish is second to none. I own several Palmers and this easily rivals anything that you receive from them. I must say the stock is just mind blowing, The valve was worked to insure maximum efficiency and performance. The nickel plating turned out extremely well, including the trigger guard and trigger group.

After squaring everything away, I immediately headed off to the backyard with a few 12 grams and ten round tubes. The marker sealed as it should have and I was able to real off 40 shots before any noticeable drop off in velocity. On a funnier note, I decided to take a shot at squirrell thinking that I would be close but not dead on. Mistake...I shot the squirrel from about 50 foot away and he ran off. I must admit, I felt quite guilty after doing so. The pump stroke is very nice and smooth. The nickel plating turned out well with only one small blemish which is hidden under the stock. Stuffy insured me he would have it replated if needed, but I feel confident that it will be just fine.

After shooting for a bit, I took the stock off so I could put some finishing touches on it. I had asked Stuffy not to finish it beyond the final sanding. The stock was smooth as glass and very easy to apply the six coats of Tru-Oil. The finger grooves that were cut into the stock fit my hand like a glove. His wood working skills are likely as impressive as his ability to create the rest of this marker.

In closing for now, I would again like to Thank Stuffy for his awesome efforts at creating this for me at a very affordable price. His abilities are phenomenal for anyone, but especially for a young man of his age. His craftsmanship is equaled by his professionalism and I highly recommend him for any of your paintball needs and builds. Hope to give some of you the business end of this marker on the field real soon. Thanks and God Bless.


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