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Name: Silver

Location: Concord, NH

Home Field: Ummm, pick-up games at the local's close, easy, and cheap

Guns: Building the collection back up at the moment, presently just an A-5 with upgrades, a VM with add-ons, an automag, and a RAP4 T68

When I Play: Not nearly as often as I should... I don't like hot weather

Game Types: Gotta be woodsball... I'll do speedball, but I don't like it, I started when woodsball was woodsball, yo uwent out, tried to ambush one another, specific goals for the game... I miss the good days of paintball

How/ Where I play: ummm, I'm more of the SAW/support gunner on the field, I provide cover fire. though I have no issues with direct engagments, it's all fun. You can always spot those that have had ANY kind of military training, wether it be cadet programs, or actual, you can tell by the style
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