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I hate having to post a "what is this worth?" thread....

...but my research skills have been failing me. I was originally going to trade this mag for a blazer, but the deal fell thru. Now a local friend of mine is showing interest and I neither want to rip him off, nor give him the deal of the century.

Anyhoo, here's the details on this particular scratch built Mag.

X-valve with Lvl10
Blue ULE body
Benchmark Rail
Benchmark Gas through grip
Benchmark Medusa lite frame
CP Flame drop in blue
14" All American barrel with blue tip
and some random duckbill I tossed on there to get it tuned up.

Here's a couple pictures of it...

So what would be a fair price/trade value for this particular Mag?
Thanks for the help.
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aka Fubarius

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