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boo ya questions

I currently -MIGHT- be in a transaction for an x valved ule mag with a boo ya trigger frame. Although I have never seen, or even researched the boo ya frame, I have heard many reports of faulty electronics. Although I would much rather take a hyper-frame, the seller isnt selling a hyper-frame so please do not sugest that. The owner of the mag will -hopefully (if everything turns out ok)- be giving me the x valve (with the gun) but not tuned to the bolt or the trigger.

The bolt is no problem as I will problly (sorry for my awful spelling) be sending it off to scott to be tuned anyways. But what do I need to buy for the valve to be able to use the trigger. A new on/off? A new pin? Im afraid if I use to small of a pin I could possibly damage my sear, or bolt (as show in a hyper-frame article on Are there any further accesories for the boo ya trigger frame to get it to "optimal" proformance? Charger, batteries, etc.

My last question will be protaining to my recently purchase gold micro emag. :evilgrin:
Where can I buy a 12 volt wall charger to charge the battery? I saw a pic of one with a radio shack label, if I "can" use one from radio shack does any one currently know the "item number" of the charger needed?

Thanks for your time, and consideration.
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