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My lil kittehs

Andora, aka TROUBLE, yes all caps. If there is trouble afoot in the house, she is the cause of it. Mischievous as can be...if she wasn't so adorable and cuddly, i would be annoyed, instead i just shrug and say,yep that's her. If i hear a crash then a bell jingle, it's usually her that comes running into the room all like, "I did nothing wrong, i was here the whole time."

Tiny as can be. Purrs immediately upon being picked up. Doesn't matter how mad, sad, or whatever she was before. XD

This is the Male kitty of the house. Lu

He is a mainecoon. He is all love. And the biggest scaredy cat. I always tell the wife he isn't hiding from strangers...he is just getting under the covers to launch a surprise attack should they end up near the bed
here he is chargin his lazers...literally...usb or outlet

his pirate pantaloons...wife says he pirate...i say ninja, and he just wears the pantaloons to make the pirate mommy happy.

Newest addition...Midna, like the Twilight Princess.

she just fits in the box...Lu sits in there and you hear it straining almost breaking at the seams...she is tiny...yet plump...

Here she is with her ring of shame when she got fixed

i refused to Cone an animal with the cone of shame..that is just wrong. They can't see anything, adn the other two don't like her. So this made it so she couldn't lick stitches but could still see all around and fight back. After getting her fixed she is the biggest cuddlebug out there..she has no anger at all...just wants to be petted and cuddle
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