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Thanks, I use aluminum because It is what gets wasted the most, I can make many of these out of the "garbage" parts our shop makes.

The price on these will be $11.35 because I am splitting the pay pal fee between us.

Originally Posted by Altec View Post
If you want a nice free do-it-all program check out IrfanView. It is a image viewing program that doesn't use much memory (loads quick), allows you to flip through all the pictures in a folder easy (Good for quickly scanning, and reading manga's and comics), and what you need features that let you resize/crop images. As well as all the other normal editing. Not the greatest but gets the job done well.

IrfanView is pretty much always the first thing I install on a computer right after video card drivers.
I picked up Paint.Net and it works pretty good. I'll check out IrfanView when I get home.

Edit: If you have a .1 then the FS magazines need to be milled to work with this Mag release. I can Mill them on the CNC for a dollar plus Shipping.

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