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Originally Posted by Redherring View Post
Alright, I'm afraid I'm quite new at this so all these acronyms are lost on me. I'm pretty much looking to do something like this guy:

Also, as for the spyder feedneck, is this what I'm looking for? Clamping Feedneck for Spyder - With Holes: Sports & Outdoors
I think this might help:

I personally have only used CCI gravity feed breeches, either with an elbow or just a press fit hopper (as seen on my avatar)

The easiest way to do it if you are in the US is probably just to call CCI, you'll probably end up talking to Mike, who designed the Phantom, and he will get you exactly what you need. How cool is that?

If you happen to be in Canada, feel free to PM me, I have all the parts you would need. I am not as cool as Mike though... ...but who is?

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