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Vintage/Old School Fixed Gear Bike!!

So I was thinking vintage/old school paintball, vintage old school fixed gear bike-
Hey guys and gals, I restored this Schwinn Varsity fixed gear bike last year!
Some specs:

-Original Late 70's early 80's Schwinn Varsity Frameset
-All steal construction
-I preserved the original paint and had it professionally clear coated
-Original headset, seat post and handlebars

-New parts include the wheelset, tubes and tires
-New sealed bearings
-New Cranks, pedals
-New matching green chain
-New seat
-New handlebar wrap

This thing is awesome to ride as long as you get the whole concept of a fixed gear bike and no brakes-I have around $450 invested!
I have moved on and now ride a single speed MTB, so I am throwing this out for trade.

Let me know if you have any questions, I am located in Indiana-
I am sure I can find a way to box and ship this if you want-we can work out details later.

Looking mostly for paintball related trades:
Markers, gear, etc.

Thanks for looking!

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