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wow long versions ????? i do believe from piecing it together with what you have told me foldadoom and a few bits of other information that these are the ones that were imported from NZ and in answer to your question (before you ask ) yes i do know where the pgp is but no i have not located "The Other One" yet...

Under the camo color is a flat back color as well i believe...

Most of mine have the black rubbed off in a few places (some less than others) like the inside/left of the barrel (if being carried across your body by a right hander) or the outside on the feed tube (visible in the picture) only two have the pin sight still attached (one of them is my shiny one) and all the stocks have no major damage with the only exception of a few bumps on the bottom at the front (where a tripod would go.)

All of them seem to have "the NZ Mod" (lower tube reservoir) and thats about as far as we have gotten.
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