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Silly A5 Question

I finally bit the bullet and joined the 21st century with an A5. So now I turn it over to you guys -- by your experience, what upgrades are worth the cash?

What I'm mainly looking for is to keep the marker short and compact, as I'm usually pretty aggressive and want to keep the tree planting to a minimum when I slide for cover . Keeping it light doesn't matter much to me -- I'm an avid weightlifter who's played with a VM in each hand before.

Also, I'm not a fan of electros or response triggers. As of now, the A5 is 100% stock and basic and I'm keeping the firing mechanism to one trigger pull = one ball.

Has the Ricochet loader saved anyone's bacon? Is the Flatline actually worth the cash, or should I get something more conventional? What double trigger is the sturdiest? What drop forward does the job with a decent-sized HPA bottle?

That sorta thing. Looking forward to your replies.
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