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Originally Posted by Robertsr View Post
If I had the chance to exchange an e-mag and some other guns for an X I would take it.

On looks alone it would be worth the deal.
I knew you would be there with me Robertsr! Another Mag lover

The way I have been thinking about it is that I can only use one gun at a time and I usually have to force myself to stop using my EMag to use the other guns I have. My EMag is not a typical EMag either. I have an IT body, RPG Thrasher rail, and ULE EMag lowers. It is a bad looking beast and I can just sit and hold it for hours looking at it. I absolutlely love it and I am sure I will miss it as it still contains the remains of the only marker I ever bought new. I had purchased a new ULE Mag from Tunaman back in the fall of 05. All that is left of it is the valve and rail as I had to buy all the other parts second hand. I think once I get the X, I will soon change to loving it more than my EMag.

By the way, this is my EMag that I will be upgrading from (there are a few more pics in my gallery):
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