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Heh, that's a good one, Carter. 'Our paint sucks, what can we do?...Ah! Blame the barrel, and offer to fix it for more money!'
Well, you gotta understand, that was popular back when the bores on almost all stock barrels were really, seriously, crap. If you had a local shop that could hone your barrel, you really could see quite an improvement. Once aftermarket barrels started becoming available for the popular guns, the procedure got less common, although it stuck around for a while as a budget option and for guns without a barrel aftermarket.

"Crowning" was another trick that seems stupid today but actually seemed to help a bit back in the day...

Now, the places that pushed "re-honing"... those guys were shady.

Of course, even stock barrels on the cheapest guns are pretty decent now, compared to the early days. There's really no need for honing any modern barrel that I can think of...
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I just learned something.

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