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Originally Posted by Siress View Post
I never trust a companies own research. Sometimes they're honest, but it's very rare. Besides, the biggest difference would be seen in the grains and grain boundaries. Using an optical microscope will show you the differences, so it's plenty large enough for air molecules. Roller burnishing really, SERIOUSLY, makes a harder, stronger, smoother bore.

Heh, that's a good one, Carter. 'Our paint sucks, what can we do?...Ah! Blame the barrel, and offer to fix it for more money!'
I'm much more skeptical of people who disregard research arbitrarily, because of a pathological distrust of authority
Seriously though, I look at the research and decide for myself. I guess if Roller burnishing makes a smoother surface than the L/A polishing hone(done perfectly right, it certainly CAN), then it's simply a question of which barrel is the most OVERqualified to be a paintball barrel. Once you get past a certain point it's 'good enough' not to notice more polishing.

However as the self centering, self tensioning flexhone can do it's job perfectly well in a hand drill held by Carter at the tailgate of a truck, I'll give it the edge in practicality and at less than $50 brand new today, they're still a deal.

It's funny, the airsmith kit only contained the 800AO fine and so that is all anyone I've ever talked to has seen, this gives a finish similar to modern barrels, so using it won't do much.
The special order SuperFine is as rare as AGD sixpacks and it's enough to make an obvious difference in modern barrels.

I'm more than satisfied to let people remain unconvinced and go on about my business, though!

I had a .50 cal hone set that i ordered to use on the brass barrels of my old 3357s, also.

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