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Originally Posted by Walking_Target View Post
nice mag... is that the pariah body?
Nope it is an IT body from Extreme Depot. They made a run of them a while back and then stopped. They (like all other custom Mag bodies) are hard to come by and you always pay an arm and a leg for one.

I like the angular look of it, but I am more of an organic kinda guy. Hard angles are nice, but I like curves

Robertsr I wish I could sell you the body, but the guy who I bought it off of last year said he would want it back if and when I decide to sell. Other than that the rest of it would be available if the deal goes down for the X.

It is wrong to feel bad about wanting and possibly getting an X-Mag? I have to clear out all of my other guns and knowing that I just couldn't buy another one without selling the X-Mag gives me the uneasy feeling. Geez, I wasn't this nervous getting married! I have promised my wife that my paintball habit will always pay for itself. So if I want something paintball related I sell equipment to buy it. This way I don't use money for my habit..I mean hobby that we could be using for our home or food. Every once in a while I can sneak some parts in, but big ticket items like this are another story.
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