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I wouldn't hesitate to order from The Mag Smith. Rouge is a great guy to work with and has always responded right away with any questions I throw at him. He also stands behind what he sells too and will help you in everyway possible if you are having trouble tuning your gun. I will throw in my $.02 if you want to get a mech Mag, get one of his custom triggers with a roller bearing (along with an Intelliframe), an Excile body, and the ULT (if you want a lighter trigger). His products are great and you won't be dissapointed!

I ordered a new ULE based Mag back in '05. At first I was only going to be able to get the basics until I learned of Tunaman and Rouge (The Mag Smith). They were able to give me a better price than the other places and allowed me to make uprades to stay within my price limit! I ended up with a Intelliframe with a viper blade trigger, RPG thrasher rail, ULE body, CP foregrip, ULT, and of course an X-valve with lvl10 for the budget I was on. It was all tuned and ready to go out of the box and I couldn't have been happier. I bought from Tuna because he wasn't as busy at that time, but Rouge is just as good if not better.

Also, like Robertsr said find a high pressure HPA tank if you are getting an X-valve. You don't have to buy an adjustable one, but make sure the one you do get has the output of 800 PSI with a good recharge rate. Otherwise you won't be doing the Mag justice!
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