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I can mechanically design a frame, but I also have less appreciation for proper frame ergonomics than many people here do, so I'm hoping someone that maybe has actually produced a frame from one of their designs can help out in that arena. I doubt what I have is too bad considering it is sort of a combination of an Intelliframe (CAD from AGD) and an Angel LCD frame that I made a model of from one that I have, but I still lack the first hand experience.

I like volume adjustability, but if the brown piece and navy piece were combined requiring the spacer to hold the cyan piece in place, it actually requires more material than having them separate and threaded together. Having something to adjust the volume is definitely a good idea though, possibly spacers like in an Epiphany as that would be effective and cheap?

Jordan, the version we'll be making here is a completely new gun that is just based on a closed bolt Ion retrofit that I've done, it won't use any SP parts. The CAD files and prints will be publicly available allowing anybody to make or have new parts made.

You're right though, closed bolt does not have any inherent advantages to open bolt. The point is to have a unique, efficient gun that is designed and built by the community. Compared to a Shocker Sport though - that gets what, around 800 shots from a tank? This should get around a case, is significantly smaller, can be switched between electronic and mechanical with no real modifications,
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