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Micro Invert Mini

For the heck of it I put together a Mini with a Sportshot hopper and the smallest tank and barrel I could dig up.

This would be a perfect little set up for CQB.

I was curious what the un-modded Sportshot would shoot like. I was able to get 4 shots out of it without shaking. However, the problem I saw with my Mini is that when I shook the gun, it would occasionally fire since the trigger was being shook too. Meh. I wanted a baseline before going ahead and making an agitated hopper.

Also, my tank was on exactly 3k when I started. At the end of the hopper it was on 1500psi. Not too bad...I wonder how many more shots I could squeeze out of her.

By the way, the gun at the moment is at factory default settings and chronied at 275 with that barrel.
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