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SC Sniper (Thanks KPCS!)

In late April, after reading the Snipers on 12 grams / on CO2 Discussion thread, I started to think about making a stock class Sniper. I decided to contact Ken and see if he could make an SC Sniper body that did not look slapped together like most home jobs I have seen. I also prefer centerfeed, so that would make it more work intensive than just knocking off the feed neck. After a total of about a month and a half (I had to get a body to him, the actual work, and shipping to Canada), it arrived at my doorstep.

Here she is:

The body, originally a 2K1 vert feed, is perfectly contoured to match a Phantom feed, and this also provides the possibility of drilling a matching hole for a Spyder feedneck in the unlikely event I want to bring it back to OC configuration. He also matched the work on the back block (I neglected this in my request for work) so the feed tube would have clearance.

With the 0.678 Eigenbarrel, AA Messiah, and Red Legion 0.683 paint, I am getting great consistency over the chrono and very accurate shots at the targets in the backyard. It also rivals the VSC Phantom for ergonomics in a stock class gun; it just feels great to hold and shoot.

I am currently using a 9 oz CO2 tank, but I plan to experiment with 12 gram efficiency and rig up a T-stock with forward facing ASA threaded dropout underneath the regulator. I will be rocking this at WCPW and Pump Pandemonium if I can get down to it.
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