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Originally Posted by Verbious
4 tablespoons of bleach is way too much.

The no rinse cleaner sold at brewer supply stores works well.

Always use cold water.

There is no way to clean the drinking tube unless you get the kit.

You can probably kill the beer taste by filling partially with water and putting lemon juice in the bladder.

A teaspoon of bleach will also clean and disinfect. Rinse several times with cold water.
I agree with the four tablespoons is a little much. One should be plenty, then fill with water. Shake the camelback, an allow some of the bleach solution to go throught the drinking tube out the bite valve. I tend to drain mine through the bite valve to ensure I get all the crud out of there. After that, refill your camelback with water, flush it out again. Repeat this process until you don`t smell or taste any bleach. Then dry your camelback and store until future use.
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