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Teammates took my T2 to LL3 for me (couldn't go thanks to scheduled surgery) so Rod could look at it. I was warned that they'd be insanely busy and may not be able to have the time. Completely understandable considering the popularity of CCM AND Mel and Rod! :P
Well, not only did they find the time to fix my silly error (i lubed it... guess I own too many snipers and autocockers..*blush) but now that she's back in my hands, she's shooting better than ever!!
THANK YOU Mel and Rod! I know I called to say the same, but it needed to be put in public as well.
You guys went above and beyond yet again after taking so much time to talk to me on the phone! Thank you for everything, and continuing to make the best paintball products I've had the privilege to own.

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