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Originally Posted by Railgun View Post
That's truly amazing. Not just because I know it'll be great to shoot but for it's shape.

So if it's not an E-mag then why the big square thing up front? And are we talking pnuemag here or what?

Perspiring minds need to know...
Well, it is basically an upgraded Emag. It has the same Emag lowers with some embellished on the battery pack, but the body and rail are integrated instead of seperate. And the body combo is cut and carved on a 4-axis CNC machine to give it its appearance! You also have the option for interchangable breeches so you can have centerfeed, warp left, and warp right (which I will braggingly state that mine came with all three and they are anodized to match ). Lastly the X-Mags have what no factory Emag will ever have, an ACE (Anti-Chop Eye) system. With the ACE and LVL10, you will never break a ball in the gun...period.

Effectively if you started to upgrade a Mag from factory parts to make the most extreme Mag, then you would have an X-Mag (or an SFL-Mag if you are so lucky).
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