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Like New 3rd Gen iPod Touch 8gb with iOS4 on it

Hey guys,

i got an 8gb iPod Touch thats a 3rd gen (newest) that i just installed iOS4 on it. i got it intending to leave it in the truck for music, but just upgraded to an iPhone 4 and i have my old iPhone 3g to leave in the truck for music now. i'm offering this one up here before taking it to eBay or the likes. i'll get some pics up tonight, it includes a sync cable, and ear buds, and the original box. also includes a rubber silicon case. screen is excellent as is the back, its honestly just a few weeks old when i unwrapped it from the box. looking for $150 shipped & paypal'ed... ***SOLD***

UPDATE for pics:

Chris aka "Heavy"

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Chris... you're damn awesome.

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