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So how is our season so far. It all began in Japan and it's still going great. I really had to "UP" my game in Cali. I really enjoyed playing all the Cali fields that I played at.

We picked up a few sponsors and trying to do our best to promote them.

We bought a new used lathe and plan on freaking a few barrels and making some pump handles among other things.

We've added a few new wapons to the Arsenal,our recent addition is an ION. We now have an A5 and an MG7.

No more new guns for the remainder of this yr. I neeed to concentrate on finishing up projects The LCD Angel is finished and an LED is in the works to be finished. Will be rebuilding the BT4 and getting it back up to shooting shape. I really liked the BT4.

We'll try to attend a few more big games this yr. Our next Big Game is July 5th 2010.

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