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Yeah, it's pretty simple.

1. Remove rear adjuster, and take out the short stiff reg spring. Replace adjuster screw.

2. Gas up the gun. You'll hear a 'pop' as the reg piston pops out. Remove the adjuster again, dump out the loose bits. Wrap the adjustment screw w/ teflon tape to seal it, and screw it back in.

3. Remove the entire valve body- it's held in place by the large thumb screw at the back of the frame, just like on a Mag. Make sure not to lose the little o-ring that fits between the valve body and the frame.

4. Unscrew the front of the dump chamber. Not the brass tip, the whole thing. It's usually not too hard to get off.

5. Look at the front of the valve body, you'll see an allen screw w/ a washer retaining the brass plunger. Remove the screw.

6. Re-assemble the valve body, and re-install it onto the gun. Gas it up like you did before, you'll hear another 'pop' as the plunger gets ejected into the dump chamber.

7. Take it apart again, dump out the rest of the guts. Re-assemble.

A drop of oil will help keep the little o-ring under the valve body from falling out.

You'll need to contact ICD and order some piston o-rings (goes behind the brass tip of the dump chamber) and a couple spare mainsprings. The piston o-ring is good for about a case or so before it starts leaking down the barrel and the mainspring lasts about 2 cases.

Good luck and have fun. You'll love it.
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