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CCM Waiting Room

i proclaim this thread for all of us who are waiting, somewhere we can talk about what we ordered, and how awesome it will be, and post pictures to show off what we ordered when it gets here

now as a disclaimer, im not making this thread to bash ccm and the work that they do, custom takes time, so naturally, youll have to wait for it..

my idea is that, if we can get enough people to post in here on what they ordered, when they ordered it, and when they received it we can get an idea of what the current turn around time is looking like, from order to arrival.. certain guns might have different turn-around times, if someone checks here first, they can at least get an idea of how long someone had to wait to get the same kind of marker that they are thinking about ordering, or how long they will probably have to wait for one that they already have

that and it also gives us crazy people an outlet to sit and watch the clock (and discuss watching the clock) while we are waiting for that wonderful phonecall

as as most of us know, CCM usually always has 4 colors in stock, or available in short order; gloss black, dust black, gloss clear/silver, and dust clear/silver. so obviously, those wait times are going to reflect differently

details can be left as vague as you want, either to preserve the special secretiveness of your color choices, or just to protect the security of your order, certain things will need to be known though; if its gloss or dust or needs to be annodized because its not black or silver

ill start it off

ordered what: Gloss red/Gloss black S6.5
ordered when: june 21st
back from anno: 15th/16th or July (guessing)
Delivered: on the way


^And i did it while wearing a helmetcam^ in 1080P HD if you need proof
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