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Originally Posted by brokenzipper View Post
I ordered mine the tuesday after LL3. It shipped last thursday and Im checking UPS tracking # every hour, as if it would help. It will be here the 1st. great way to start out the month! Ill post up a review and pics as soon as the UPS guy asks for a signature!
yeah ill be doing the same once mine ships too probably.. you planning on taking pics of the UPS man as well?

Originally Posted by jasse View Post
Don't you gays/gals/aliens/whatever have better things to do that making up statistics while waiting ???
Like collecting stamps, polishing your gun collection, hunting wabbits.
Me ???? I'm working a really slow (=noone chases me to do something) night shift.

actually if i was working, i wouldn't be watching the calendar so intently, but as it stands, ive been on workers comp for th last 9 months, i injured myself on the job, lost my job after being gone for 6 months as i wasnt recovered yet, and now ill never be FULLY recovered, and am waiting for workers comp and my lawyer to call me and tell me what to do next... getting paid for not working is fun for awhile.. but i gets old after 3/4ths of a year,

though that does remind me, i should clean my viking..


^And i did it while wearing a helmetcam^ in 1080P HD if you need proof
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