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thread title changed as well as the first post has been modified a lil bit

ive had a pump for a lil bit, but havent gotten to play with it much.
a couple weekends ago, i finally got to get out to play, and played a few games with my phantom VSC, was having a hell of a time aiming it, figured it was my lack of experience with the gun, then my friend; who came to visit, handed me his T2, i has hitting everything i was aiming at, first shot, without trying, then it dawned on me... it had nothing to do with the phantom, and everything to do with the fact, ive used cockers for so long, i just naturally know where they are pointing when im aiming it.. and i decided.. though the T2 is nice, i wanted something with a little more style.. so the 6.5 it is

ive touched many a CCM pump, ive seen ccm at so many different venues over the last 5 years, uve always loves their work. so i figured it was only right that i get the best kind of Sniper out there

and in gloss red to replace my phantoms gloss redness


^And i did it while wearing a helmetcam^ in 1080P HD if you need proof
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