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The Senshi Rig:

Deluxe model with suspenders and 4 pod pouch

Whiskey Two-Four Senshi Rig

Dump pouch:

Yes it's a different color,but it's all for testing who cares. The 3 pod pouch is also from WTFPB,but it's mine.

Whiskey Two-Four Senshi Rig

Let's get this straight now,I set this rig for my playing style. You can add and take away from this rig. It can either use MOLLE or MALIC items. All WTFPB pouches are MALICE system.
You can set your rig up anyway you want.

New from my sponsor Whiskey Two Four. As usual I will not hold back on this review.

This was sent to me by Ryan the owner Of :

Whiskey Two-Four.

Here's the deal on this rig and these are my exact orders:

"Run it into the ground,beat it up,try and ruin it, do your worst! After you are complete with your evaluation and review,Give it away to someone who really needs a quality rig"

So nothing free for me in my sponsorships. One lucky person will get this when I'm done beating it to HELL AND BACK.

I'll decide who that will be,so no sad emails,they don't work for me.

Of course it will be washed and looked over very well. As usual quality sewing all around.

So tomorrow (5 JUly 2010) will be it's first day of play. I'll keep adding to this review as info is collected.

So promo pics for both my sponsors Whiskey Two Four and Celanis Paintball.

Harness and Pods supplied by both:



Left Side:

Right side:

Pulling out pod for loading:

Putting Pod in Dump Pouch:

7 July 2010:

Senshi Rig:

This is a MALICE/MOLLE system rig:

First off there is no ride up,it stays in place where you clip it. It has plenty of strap that you can adjust height or lower it. Me being a fat boy,it fit just right.

Now to begin with I tested this in the wrong type of game. I should have just tested in regular rec play. However if your going to test,test in the worst scenario possible. I did just that. I tested in local Big Game.

Now to begin with I didn't really follow my team thread,so I wasn't aware that we would be reloading at certain points in the game. When It came time for reloading I was able to remove the rig and slip and secure my pods in very fast. Whole process was less than 30 secs.

Then again you going to load this way with any rear pod carrier unless your really flexable and I'm not.

So that was mistake #1

Mistake #2 was just not paying attention over all.

So how did the rig work?

It worked very well. Removing pods was as easy as drinking water. The pods slipped right out without a hitch. It was a very smooth transaction. I don't normally use a harness that the pods are attached on the rear of the harness,but this one worked out just fine for me.

I'm disabled in my shoulders,which have alot of pain. The rear loaders I have used in the past actually gave me pain when using them. Having to reach up and pull velcro tabs all the time. Sometimes they would resecure themselves,causing more problems for me. That's why I went to a front/side loader system.
This pod carrier didn't have these issues. due to minimal use of arm and shoulder. Just a very low grab and pull/slide of shock cord. It worked very well in the prone (laying on my belly) position and kneeling.
For those of you who are into the silent mode of things,this is a very quiet system to remove your pods without anyone hearing the velcro seperate.

I did have one issue,and it was my fault. I used my ACU carriers and I put them right side up on my right side. Well I would end up grabbing the shock cord with my Drop Forward. So placement is a judgement call on placing pod carriers. Next time I'll turn them downwards.

The rig fit very comfortable and It's very lite,not heavy like my TAC VEST. I can hardly feel it. If your young and you can move fast,this is the rig for you.

If you like remote WTFPB does make a very nice remote bottle carrier. I think this would go well with this system:

I'm actually thinking of going remote now that I have seen this. Mounts verticle or horizontal,which is perfect for this rig or the Skirmisher rig. Which would fit my style of play much better if I were to use a remote system.

As mentioned before the rig is well constructed and sewn very well. Starting this weekend Iam going to loan it out to some rec players to get their opinions on it. Have to share. Maybe I'll even send this out to a few MCB members of my choosing to try this rig as well get an overall opinion.

It's hard when you are sponsored,because people think they have to say nice things about the product even if it's junk. Well if you know me I speak straight about a product.

Dump pouch:

My overall opinion was that it fit my style of play. I'm a load and drop player. I loose alot of pods thru out the yr. This easely held all 7 of my 100 rnd pods. Dropping them into the pouch under fire was not an issue. They dropped in and stayed secured. Removeing them was very smooth process,just reach ingrab and pull out.
The elastic shock cord keeps them in but it allowes you to pull them out and put them in without a problem.

So where do we go from here? A little more testing at the local field to get some more opinions from rec and milsim players. After that who knows, maybe it will take a little trip thru out the USA for some unbias testing.

So I'll add more later.


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